Royal Wing Cruise

Royal Wing Cruise
: Hon Gai Port, Ha Long, Quang Ninh
Cruise Type
: Luxury Cruises
: 20
The Royal Wings team has more than 10 years working in tourism and hospitality industry who is specialist of cruise investor in Halong Bay. That's why we understands customers' desire and aim to built a new generation of junk boats to give the best quality of services, catering, cruisers facilities an tour itineraries to give passengers a chance to discover Halong Bay in luxury style. Recognizing that not all travelers are the same, our mission is to provide the best service, comfort, flexibility, and wide range of options.
Many years of experience cruising in Halong bay, we always thinking of offering a cruising experience like no other, designed to enrich, inspire and brad new. With our service philosophy of "best of the best" in mind, our leadership has worked with the ship architects to plan out a preliminary concept for a elegant, seaworthy, luxury and timeless cruise.
 Inspired by the Legend history of Halong bay about The Royal Mother Dragon and her children: "The legend says that during the old time when the country was newly formed, Vietnamese had to fight against fierce invaders coming from the North through the sea. Feeling sorry for the country, The Jade Emperor sent the Royal Mother Dragon and her children flying from heaven on their large Feather Angel Wings descending on earth to help ancient Vietnamese people defend the country and the idea of bringing passenger back into the dragons era on their lovely wings to admire the charm of Halong bay in royal standard experience". That's where the idea for The Royal Wings cruise's name was born.
After months of serious, ambitious and hardworking, we are now very proud to introduce to you a brand-new steel made cruise named Royal Wings Cruise at 5 stars standard in Halong.
The Royal Wings Cruise - a vessel combining traditional oriental value and completely different styles of luxury is the best choice to serve the upcoming travelers with the expectation of high-end facilities, professional services in Halong Bay, Vietnam. The Royal Wings Cruise will bring you the most comfortable by charming of luxury facilities. With a spacious area of more than 500 m2 and 20 luxury cabin, 01 restaurant, 02 bars, the Royal Wings Cruise purposes is to give the passengers the best relaxing and enjoy all the interesting time onboard.
Visiting the most famous Vietnamese World Heritage Site on Royal Wings Cruise is bound to be one of the highlights of your travels in Vietnam, thanks to the luxury quality of our facilities and accommodations, also the excellence of our customer service.

Royal Wings Cruise is one of the biggest & the most luxur steel boat in Halong Bay built to meet seafaring standards. It was undergone a rigorous test by the local Maritime Registration Authority annually and certified accordingly. The Vietnamese Marine Authorities certify all materials and equipment used in the construction of the boat construction from the steel, electrical cables and generators. Every vessel is fitted with professional marine safety equipment: VHF Radio, GPS Plotting, Two-way radios, Water Ingress Alarm System, Anti-sinking Pump System, Fire Alarm System and Fire Extinguishers
Royal Wings Cruise always places the highest priority on the safety and security of our vessels and all Passengers, Crew and Crew members onboard. We recommend you to follow our safety guide for all activities during trip.
Safety Facilities
- Fire protection
- Smoking area
- Life vests
- Life rafts & Life bouys
- First Aid Kit & Medicine
- Emergency cases
- Emergency exit
Onboard Safety
After check in the boat, while you are enjoying welcome drink in Royal Wings Cruises, a briefing about the trip with itinerary, crews, vessels, activities and safety information will be delivered by the captain & whole royal wings crew. The updating of weather on the day is coming too.
Before each activity, Royal Wings guide will give an introduction & warning to visitors. To make the trip more perfect, we highly recommend you to pay attention carefully to these information.
The rescue transportations like canoe/ high-speed tender is available to transfer guest immediately to harbor in the short time regarding health safety. Marine Search and Rescue team with essential skills and training with rescue equipment to deal with emergency.
The weather for cart for the next 24 hours is updating frequently.
Maintenance and Registration
All fire-fighting, safety and life saving equipment is regularly inspected and maintained in accordance with a computer maintenance program.
Royal Wings Cruises are strictly registered and checked by local authority annually.
The local Maritime Registration Authority also tests and inspects this equipment once a year, and every three months the officers' and crew's ability to carry out fire-fighting and evacuation procedures is tested through comprehensive drills.
Hygiene and food safety
As the traditional Vietnamese culture, all the fresh foods is imported onboard everyday. All the dishes in Royal Wings Cruise were checked stricly in hygienes standards before coming ready-to-serve dishes for our clients. All the foods was made by years-experience chef with the guaranty of quality.
Beside the popular beverages, Royal Wings bar is always ready to serve various kinds of cocktails, wines & local bee
Giá tour Hạ Long thấp nhất 2 days / 1 night
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Giá tour Hạ Long thấp nhất 3 days / 2 nights
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About Royal Wing Cruise

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Newly open in January 2015, the Royal Wings Cruise is truly a luxury 5 star cruise in Halong Bay. Our services include Halong Bay package tour with cruising through-out Halong Bay - the world heritage, taking the spectacular views of the thousand beautiful Islands and peaceful theme of the Bay, as well as tasting the best Vietnamese & international Cuisines made by our experienced chef board. Its has the banquet for parties and meetings/events, as well as a fitness center, a sauna and other massage services and double Jacuzzi bathtub in all room. We provide the special itinerary tour program ,that guests can explore the Halong Bay in different way and less touristic route Guest are not only seeing the fish village, but catching fish as a real fisherman in the fishing boat is a must try. We are bringing the best experiences as first rate choice for both leisure and business travelers
Here at Royal Wings Cruise, we are aiming to become one of the best 5 star cruise in Halong Bay. Our 20 ample, spacious and luminous rooms, their superior quality wooden furniture and a full range of luxury facilities and fabulous services make our cruise stand out as the ideal destination for who are looking for a luxury holiday in Halong bay- the world heritage. Our ample range of rooms comprise the following options:
Executive cabin
When you are looking for the most convenient and luxury tour package in Halong Bay - the Executive room at Royal Wings Cruise would be the first choice that you should not miss. Spacious room size from 26sqm with double Jacuzzi bathtub, large flat TV with movies and entertain programs are the best experience for all guest. King bed or Twin bed room are available upon guest request. All room provides with the large windows open to the sea-view. Guest can take seat on the sitting area in room and viewing the spectacular view of the bay, this makes guest feel like sitting on a private balcony without disturbing from others..
Royal Executive Cabin
Make your great choice for a luxury stay at Royal Wings Cruise in Halong Bay with Royal Executive room. This's surely the best for a real romantic and impressive holiday in Halong Bay. Locates in higher floor, all room provides with large window open to the panoramic view of the bay and sea. Spacious room size from 26sqm with double Jacuzzi bathtub , large flat TV with Movies and entertain programs are the best experience for all guest. King bed or Twin bed room are available upon guest request
Royal Suite Cabin
Splashes of opulence catch your eyes as you walk into our supremely spacious Suite room - the highest luxury Suite room at Royal Wings Cruise. The furniture and decoration are in the classic style, it provides an ingenious blend of luxury and private living as a taste of the Royal lifestyle experience. The style of King bed, sofa chairs and Jacuzzi are highlights for this type of room.
Celebrity chef-crafted menus, dramatic dining restaurant, and exotic ingredients: Royal Wings cruise dining is seeing a wave of improvements. Finest cuisine at sea, served in a variety of distinctive open-seating in cordial atmosphere.
The Royal Wings offer a rich and optional menu for you to choose, from buffet with fresh caught seafood specialities to delicious and various set menus with Vietnam traditional culinary culture as well as international recipes and dishes. Dining includes a wide range of fresh, self-service food items, cocktails, drinks and mouthwatering, made-to-order delicacies for the whole family for breakfast and lunch and diner. You can also order for more food during your meals. Royal Wings dining is sure to satisfy the appetites of your entire family, thanks to fresh, expertly prepared dishes. Featuring diverse menus inspired by some of the world's most beautiful destinations, and restaurant that is distinctly themed and brimming with charm.
Royal Wings Cruise offer private in-room Jacuzzi with seaview balcony in every cabin. You will always able to find your own time to go in the jacuzzi without it being disturb by anyone else during your cruise in Halong bay. Feeling relaxable as your pains and trouble get away after an amazing day of exciting activities while watching the seacape in emerald water with a draught of cocktail. It made you feel like royalty and comfortable for the whole vacation, and you can never forget the extremely luxury experience.
Spa & Sauna
Relax your body and mind in luxury Royal Wings cruise's soothing sanctuary. Choose from a variety of spa treatments and rituals that range from massages and facials to body treatments and wraps. Or our expert staff will be happy to customize a spa regime restoring you to a state of pure contentment. All of our therapies incorporate natural ingredients to inspire harmony, vitality and an enhanced sense of wellness. 
Aboard Royalwings, you may immerse yourself in our steambath or heat sauna. Surrounded by beauty, you will instantly drift away as your body is gently heated and purified in our Sauna room, a relaxing and mild sauna experience. Feel the revitalizing effects as your stress and tension evaporate.

The Royal Wings Cruise give you a chance to explore the Gulf of tonkin by canoeing around upon your request. The canoeing experience leads you to different states of extremely exciting feeling for more than 10 minutes. When the canoe speeds up, get ready for a long haul at high speed in to the adventure to discover the World Heritage Site in unique style. Just put away your worries and relax yourself with original landscape. What you can see during such a tour are the super view of thousands of islands and islets emerging from the turquoise waters as well as various tourist boats in different shapes, sizes and colors cruising the bay or docking at the tourist boat ferry on Halong bay. Never mind whether in case of fear or excitement, this activity is very safe as the driver knows how fast he should run the canoe to bring you the speed-up feeling and maintain it at the speed enough to let you see the view of the UNESCO-listed bay.
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