Cat Tien Jungle Lodge

Cat Tien Jungle Lodge
Address: Ap 4, Nam Cat Tien, Tan Phu District, Dong Nai Provinc
Phone: +(84-61) 3664888/ hotline: 0972728872
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The idea that started the Jungle Lodge journey began with Gary Leong - one of its founding members, who continue to be a regular visitor to Cat Tien National Park. Whenever he was free from corporate business work or travel, Gary would spend time bird watching, path finding, mountain biking or simply camping out with the forest rangers at the Park. This he has been doing since 1996.
Realizing that the world’s natural sites & ecosystems are being devastated by over population, greed or the lack of understanding in nature preservation, Gary set his mission to be an instrument to foster better appreciation of our natural world. With the idea that when we know more about mother nature, the less we will be fearful of her and the deeper we will come to appreciation her beauty & wonders. Only when one becomes more connected with nature, we would then be drawn to her and hopefully, this will motivate people to help preserve & protect our natural world & its inhabitants.
The above ideals will be hard to achieve without the involvement of our second founding member – Duong Thi Ngoc Phuong. “Chi Phuong” whom she is popularly known as, is the task master cum trouble shooter without which, our Jungle Lodge would face difficulties in getting started. Chi Phuong’s initial reservation to participate in a project next to a major jungle of Vietnam began to evolve after her many visits to the Park. Her awareness of the Park’s natural beauty & the clean countryside living became a convincing reason to be more engage with the project eventually.
When you visit us, try catching Gary or Chi Phuong or our enthusiastic team of like minded managers for a friendly chat. We not only see being part of the Jungle Lodge as an opportunity to be close to a beautiful Park, we are also building our careers  expounding the values that Jungle Lodge is to deliver to our guest & customers. And that is to be “Your Window Into Nature”.

Cat Tien Jungle Lodge
Address: Ap 4, Nam Cat Tien, Tan Phu District, Dong Nai Provinc
Phone: +(84-61) 3664888/ hotline: 0972728872
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Cat Tien Jungle Lodge
Cat Tien Jungle Lodge is located next to the Cat Tien National Park. It is about 150 km North-East (about 2½ hours drive) from Ho Chi Minh City. Our vision is to be “Your Window Into Nature”. Jungle Lodge invites adventure travelers & all people to discover nature’s mysteries, appreciate its splendors, bask in its wonders and if you are passionate about nature conservation, to join us in our effort to protect & preserve it for the future.
Jungle Lodge – is a boutique hotel offering comfortable & spacious accommodation for up to 41 guests. A selection of rooms & bungalows are available to cater for package tours plus meet the preference of our outdoor loving guests. Our facilities are all carefully built into a natural green setting, facing Cat Tien National Park with the Dong Nai River in our backyard.
Cat Tien Farm Stay

General Info
Cat Tien Jungle Lodge offers a farm stay facility for visitors who want to experience all aspects of country living. Set within the serenity of rural Vietnamese landscape, our farm stay rooms and facilities are built from old wooden homes that once housed real local families except for some modern comforts that we have installed in them.
Located in a spacious 7,000 sq/m orchard of cashew nut, grapefruit, mangosteen & rambutan trees with our very own small vegetable plot, the “Farm House” as we endearing call our farm stay is less than a kilometer walk to Cat Tien National Park &  Cat Tien Jungle Lodge. Our farm stay atmosphere is basic, shaded, relax and laid back. Since we are located in a wooded area with the Dong Nai river at our backyard & surrounded by farms all around, we are regularly visited by different types of birds, insects, small vertebrates and from our last count, there are a family of 6 squirrels that forages at our Farm House area from time to time.
Rooms & Facilities
There are two wooden bungalows which can accommodate between 5 & 8 people each plus a double storey woodhouse with eight separate rooms that is good for 16 persons on twin sharing basis. We also have several individual room units that can accommodate single travelers with common bath facilities. All our farm stay rooms are designed to be simple, clean and cozy. We use mainly high quality local materials as our building blocks. This is to preserve our natural setting and to allow our guest to experience rural Vietnamese living. All our rooms have fans but no air conditioners. We do however have electricity, wifi, hot water, nice sitting toilets, open air bathrooms, big spacious garden with lots of fresh air and our nights are dark, quiet with insects and night birds calling in background. Between Dec & February, the mornings and nights can be darn right chilly where you can see your breath condensing around due to the cold temperature. Mid summer can be a bit warm and the raining season (June to Oct) is damp. But nothing beats being dry in the Farm House with a freshly brewed cup plus a book or Ipad in hand while its pouring outside.
Things to do
Cat Tien Farm stay in collaboration with Cat Tien Jungle Lodge offers various interesting activities for our visiting guests. These include:
•    Bicycle rentals for our guest to experience the surrounding country side.
•    Visits to a small local market about 400 meters away with our kitchen hand when they do their daily marketing in the morning.
•    Enjoy local foods and fruits that are in season.
•    Join the local farmers to harvest fruits, corn, pepper, coffee or rice when in season.
•    Witness piglets being born (look out for our bulletin board announcement) or help bath the local water buffalos in the evenings.
•    Participate in various adventure tours into Cat Tien National Park. Our collaboration with Cat Tien Jungle Lodge can help supply us with guides when visiting the park.
•    Have a nice meal at Cat Tien Jungle Lodge’s Happy Belly Restaurant or chilled out at their cool DMZ Café & Bar.
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